Good Night World Characters Age, Height, and More

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Good Night World Characters Age, Height,

Good Night World is a recently released anime that takes an innovative spin on the video game setting. One of the main highlights of the series was its memorable cast, which featured several distinctive characters.

In this article, we will look into everything we know about the characters of Good Night World. These will also be featuring mild spoilers.

Character NameAgeHeightGenderVoice Actor
Taichirou Arima (Ichi)Not specifiedNot specifiedMaleDaisuke Hirose
Asuma Arima (AAAAA)Not specifiedNot specifiedMaleNobunaga Shimazaki
Kojirou Arima (Shiro Akabane)Not specifiedNot specifiedMaleAkio Ootsuka
Sayaka Arima (May)Not specifiedNot specifiedFemaleAya Endō
PicoNot specifiedNot specifiedFemaleAoi Yūki

Taichirou Arima

Taichirou Arima Good Night World

Taichirou is one of the main protagonists of Good Night World and goes by the name of Ichi in the game – Planet. While he is a powerful character in the game, in reality, Taichirou is a shut-in who has cut himself off from the rest of the world.

He has a very negative view of everyone around him, especially his family, and only found solace in the game and the virtual family he had in it.

Taichirou was not always like this and was a bright and dependable person as a young child. However, after a tragic incident in his family, he ended up in his current state.

Asuma Arima

Asuma Arima Good Night World

Asuma is Taichirou’s younger brother and goes by the name of AAAAA in the game.
Asuma is a very realistic and practical individual who is always calm and composed.

Behind his apathetic expression, it is revealed that Asuma is also a broken individual who finds satisfaction from the world inside the Planet as well as his online family- The Akabane Family.

Despite seeming cold, Asuma is one of the most caring characters in the entire series. He loves his brother and wishes to make him go back to the way he was. Even after hearing of the misdeeds of his father, he still does not wish to abandon him either.

Kojirou Arima

Kojirou Arima Good Night World

Kojirou Arima is both Taichirou and Asuma’s father. He is the creator of the virtual game “Planet” and goes by the name of Shiro Akabane in the game.

Kojirou is an extremely unlikeable man who is abusive and mentally unstable throughout the majority of the anime. He is known as a perfectionist and relentlessly pushes forward to achieve his goals.

Kojirou deeply regrets creating the game and the AI inside it that could come to threaten the world. Due to this, he spends most of his days fighting off his regret while trying to end the very game he created.

Sayaka Arima

Sayaka Arima Good Night World

Sayaka is the mother of this dysfunctional family and goes by the name of May in Planet.
While she seems to be kind at first glance, Sayaka is equally disturbed as the others.

While she was aware of her husband’s extreme tendencies, she never stood up to him.
After the loss of her daughter, she abandoned and neglected her family while even being under the illusion that her daughter was still with her.

At the same time, Sayaka still loves her sons and husband and wishes to become a family again one day.


Pico Good Night World

Pico is a major side character in the anime and runs a group called the Pirates in Planet. She was initially very lonely but was saved by Taichirou’s character, Ichi. Following this, she fell in love with him and dreamt of the day when they could meet together in real life, a thought that frightened Taichirou.

Pico is strong and determined and even wishes to help other players such as herself. Due to this, she accepted over 3000 members to her group to provide them a place to enjoy away from the pressures of the real world.

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