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Mashle is an exciting manga series with an upcoming anime which has a great combination of both action and comedy. Set in a magical world, it follows a young boy named Mash who is not gifted and is at the bottom of the food chain.

To overcome his setback, however, he works out very hard and becomes strong enough to face any magical power. We watch as he enrols into a magic school and competes against several peers and forms many friendships that will last a lifetime.

The series has everything from extremely hype scenes, comedic gags which will make you laugh continuously and elements of spectacular fantasy. In this article, we will take a closer look at the great characters of this series.

Mash Burnedead15171 cmNovember 11Mussle Magic (Nope)
Lance Crown15178 cmFebruary 3Graviole (Gravity Magic)
Dot Barrett15178 cmApril 1Explomb
Lemon Irvine15162 cmJuly 7Levios (Binding Magic)
Finn Ames15170 cmJanuary 23Changeas
Rayne Ames16UnknownMarch 3Partisan
Abyss Razor16UnknownUnknownSpeed Magic
Abel Walker16UnknownUnknownMarioness
(human puppets magic)
Orter MádlUnknownUnknownUnknownSands
Regro Burnedead75UnknownUnknownNo Magic
Wahlberg BaiganUnknownUnknownUnknownSpaces

Mash Burnedead (Age:15)

Mash Burnedead

As the main character of Mashle, Mash is one of the few people in the world who is unable to use magic. He was born on November 11th and is 171 cm tall.

To not be left behind by others who could use supernatural powers, Mash works relentlessly to the point where his strength transcends any kind of logic. He has a muscular build but doesn’t opt to use violence. To the contrary, he is generally quiet and peaceful while minding his own business and making sure not to get in anyone’s way.

However, he is capable of getting angry whenever his loved ones are in danger and would do whatever it takes to protect them. While he isn’t a funny character, his blunt and innocent nature often brings about funny instances which leave the fans in tears from laughing.

Lance Crown (Age:15)

Lance Crown

Lance Crown is one of the main supporting characters in Mashle who is identifiable by his light blue hair. His birth date is one February 3rd and he is 178 cm tall.

With two marks on his face, he is known as a prodigy who ranked first in the entrance exams to the magic academy. He is also infamous as a person having a sister complex as he wishes to become a divine visionary to save her from being taken by the Bureau of Magic.

At the same time, he is also a kind person whose consideration shows often once he joins Mash’s crew. Acting as the brains of their group, he is extremely helpful and has managed to win over fans right from his introduction.

Dot Barrett (Age: 15)

Dot Barrett

With his spiky red hair and headband, Dot Barrett is one of the most likeable main characters in the series. He was born on April 1st and is 178 cm in height.

He is a very outgoing person who is often taken to be overconfident and arrogant. Despite this and his tendency to lose his temper quickly, Dot is in fact a nice person at heart and is willing to accept his wrongdoings. He is also very brave and thinks quickly during the heat of battle. Paired with his talent in magic, he makes for a deadly opponent. One of his most interesting traits is his tendency to catch feelings and fall in love quickly. This often leads to several hilarious scenes. With his unique set of skills and personality, it is no surprise that he is one of the most beloved characters in Mashle.

Lemon Irvine (Age: 15)

Lemon Irvine

Lemon is one of the main female characters in the series who has a distinctive appearance with her blonde hair and orange ribbon. She was born on July 7th and is 162 cm tall.

Despite being raised in a poor family, she never lost motivation and wished to become a powerful magician to earn money and provide for her family. She is extremely honest and though she acts cocky and exaggerates her stories sometimes, her intentions are pure.

After being helped by Mash during their exams, she instantly had a crush on him and keeps trying to act on it as we can see her blushing several times over the course of the series. She has a very imaginative side and even dreams of becoming his wife one day.

Finn Ames (Age: 15)

Finn Ames

Being one of the most logical and normal characters in the series, Finn is understandably and very memorable person to fans. He was born on January 23rd and his height is 170 cm.

Surrounded by people with obnoxious and weird personalities, Finn is a breath of fresh air as he is very normal. He has a cowardly side which gets scared very easily and opts to avoid troublesome situations.

However, as we see several times in the series, he is very loyal and forces himself to be brave whenever his friends and loved ones are in trouble. This realistic portrayal makes us instantly form an attachment to his character and wish the best for him.

Rayne Ames (Age: 16)

Rayne Ames

Rayne is the older brother of Finn and is a second year student at the Easton Magic Academy. He was born on March 3rd and half his hair is blonde and the other is black similar to Finn.

He is extremely serious and powerful as well which allowed him to become the prefect of the Adler Dorm. He usually has an apathetic expression and rarely gives away his true feelings. During moments of danger, his caring side does show up as he displays his skills to protect his peers. At the same time, he shows no remorse for his enemies and does whatever it takes to put them down.

Abyss Razor (Age: 16)

Abyss Razor

Abyss is a second year student who is also one of the major antagonists in Mashle. While details of his birthday, height, etc. are unknown he is identifiable by his long light blue hair and marks under his eyes.

He is burdened by a tragic childhood due to which he has a very negative view of everything and wishes to be of use. With his unique powers which allow him to negate magic, he causes a lot of trouble to his opponents. His weapon of choice is a sword and he wields it with fierce loyalty to anyone he serves.

Abel Walker (Age: 16)

Abel Walker

Abel Walker is an extremely talented and powerful magician who is the leader of an evil organization in Easton Academy known as Magia Lupus.

As a child, he used to believe in values such as kindness and consideration which he learned from his mother. However, after she met an unfortunate ending while trying to help the poor, he underwent a massive change which saw nothing but the worst in people. He has no issues with using and disposing of anyone as he sees fit in his goal to become a Divine Visionary and get rid of the commoners. However, later on, with the help of Mash, his thinking seems to have changed for the better.

Orter Mádl (Age: Unknown)

Orter Mádl

Orter is the elder brother of Wirth who was an antagonist part of Magia Lupus. He is a divine visionary part of the Magical Power Administration in the Bureau of Magic.

Orter wields his wand with a firm hand and is a stickler for the rules. He shows no mercy to anyone who breaks them and doesn’t try to confuse himself with his own morals. He has immense magic power, high speed and can manipulate sand according to his will.

Regro Burnedead (Age: 75)

Regro Burnedead

Regro is one of the first characters introduced to us who is Mash’s adoptive father. While not a lot is known about him, he is a very kind person who doesn’t judge people according to their magic abilities. Having been weak himself, joy was brought back to his life once he decided to raise Mash as a baby after he had been abandoned.

He is usually composed but can get stressed whenever Mash gets in trouble. He is also very emotional and was shown to cry with happiness after seeing Mash having a good time at the academy.

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