All Oshi no Ko Arcs in Chronological Order

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Oshi no Ko Arcs

Oshi no Ko has managed to blow away expectations and become one of the best animes to release in recent years. This unique reincarnation story takes us on the journey of a pair of twins who are reborn as the children of a famous idol. However, after a tragic incident where their mother is lost, they enter the world of show business themselves. The son, Aqua, does this in order to get revenge by tracking down their father.

On the other hand, the daughter, Ruby, wishes to reform the idol group of her mother while trying to move on from her trauma, unlike her brother. This extremely unique story covers a variety of elements while showing us the dark nature of a seemingly vibrant industry.

With each arc being completely distinctive while adding more depth to the story, we have decided to list the Oshi no Ko Arcs in order as well as describe what happens in them.

Arc NameChaptersAnime Episodes
Show Business11-202-5
Dating Reality Show21-325-9
The First Concert33-409-11
2.5D Stage Play41-66
Gojo’s Past Arc65-79
Shibuya Incident Arc80-136

Prologue/Introduction Arc (Chapters: 1-10)

Mother and Children
1. Mother & Children
2. Big Brother & Little Sister
3. Babysitter
4. How to Smile
5. Director & Actress
6. Child Actors
7. If You Fear Falling, You’ll Fall Harder
8. Ai Hoshino Part 1
9. Ai Hoshino Part 2
10. Introduction
1. Mother and Children

The very first arc of Oshi no Ko is the introductory part where we are taken into the world of show business through the eyes of the idol Ai Hoshino. We are also introduced to our main cast of characters such as Aqua and Ruby, who have both reincarnated after untimely deaths in their previous lives.

While spending their new lives without a care in the world and supporting their mother, a sudden tragedy carves out a completely new path in their lives. The extreme change in tone from a bright idol series to a dark mystery manga makes this one of the best prologues to ever be made in manga.

Show Business Arc (Chapters: 11-20)

Show Business
11. Audition
12. The Third Option
13. Procedures
14. Connection
15. The Manga Drama
16. Acting Skills
17. Staging
18. Modest Praise
19. The Entertainment Department
20. New Member

2. Third Option
3. Manga-Based TV Drama
4. Actors
5. Reality Dating Show

The second arc of Oshi no Ko titled Show Business shows us our twin main characters as they have grown up after the tragic death of their mother and enter school. While becoming teenagers and meeting several formidable people, Aqua and Ruby themselves attempt to enter the Show Business industry.

While Aqua tries to go the acting route in order to track down his father through acquaintances, Ruby is set on reinstating her mother’s group, B-Komachi and takes the help of her adoptive mother and her production company. This takes us on a journey through various facets of Show Business and even shows the drastic impact it has on the lives of its members.

The arc also emphasizes and shows off a fan-favourite character, Kana Arima, as she herself tries to get her career back on track. This is the perfect continuation after the shocking plot twist at the end of the previous arc.

Dating Reality Show Arc (Chapters: 21-32)

Dating Reality Show
21. Reality Dating Show
22. Self-Proclaimed Idol
23. Leave a Mark
24. Egosurfing
25. Online Criticism
26. Storm
27. Buzz
28. Studying for a Role
29. Perfect Imitation
30. First Time
31. My Love
32. Appropriate Age
5. Reality Dating Show
6. Egosurfing
7. Buzz
8. First Time
9. B-Komachi

The Dating Reality Show arc focuses mainly on Aqua as he joins a reality show with beautiful co-stars in order to get a clue regarding his father. While the dating series seems fun at first, it has disastrous results as it makes one of its contestants, Akane Kurokawa depressed and even suicidal. However, with Aqua’s help, she is able to bounce back while even forming feelings for him and becoming a rival for his heart with Kana. Keeping in line with the other stories which focus on Aqua, the arc deals with several mature issues and even shows the dark background scenes of the entertainment sector.

The First Concert Arc (Chapters: 33-40)

The First Concert Arc
33. Motivation
34. Lead
35. Sense of Responsibility
36. The Night Before
37. Pressure
38. Fan of the Entire Group
39. Just a Little Fun Job
40. Sore Loser
9. B-Komachi
10. Pressure
11. Idol

While the topics of the First Concert story arc are in no way light, it is a welcome change in overall tone from the usually intense aura of Aqua’s motive. The First Concert follows the undertaking of Ruby Hoshino, as she works hard to revive her mother’s old Idol group B-Komachi and tries to grow after her death. With the help of Kana and Mem-Cho, we see every event that takes place when leading up to their first concert.

While all the female characters shine in this arc, Kana is also able to further step out of her shell and win over fans by being a bright idol who is able to take over the reins from Ai Hoshino herself.

This arc caters more towards the fans who came into Oshi no Ko while expecting an Idol anime filled with fun music and dancing. It features amazing writing and overall character development for our loveable cast.

Spoiler Warning!!

2.5D Stage Play Arc (Chapters 41-66)

2.5D Stage Play Arc
41. Staff Meeting
42. Read-Through
43. Losing Heroine
44. Observation
45. Telephone Game
46. Stage
47. Visiting Her Workplace
48. Crunch Time
49. Rewriting
50. Emotional Acting
51. Inquiry
52. Boyfriend, Girlfriend
53. Playboy
54. Axis of a Conflict
55. Opening
56. Beginning of Competition
57. Lousy
58. Growth
59. Admiration
60. The Sun
61. Play Along
62. Ad-lib
63. Genius Actor
64. Trigger
65. Regret
66. The Curtain Falls
Season 2

The 5th arc of the manga as well as the arc which was teased towards the end of the first season of the anime is the 2.5D Stage Play which shows the cast trying to take on the difficult task of bringing to life a story called Tokyo Blade. We experience the grueling process right from getting the script approved to bringing out dedicated performances from the actors. Kana and Akane also have a battle of their acting ability on the stage through their respective performance while Aqua channels his sadness to deliver a truly emotional performance which stuns the fans. The arc has been considered by many to be the best of the series so far and also has some of the best art that the manga has to offer.

Private Arc (Chapters: 67-80)


67. Drinking Party
68. Liberation
69. Room Tour
70. Flame
71. Pedestrian Bridge
72. Freedom
73. Smart
74. Takachiho
75. Mother and Mother
76. Music Video
77. Reunion
78. Use
79. Dut
80. Wish
Season 2

Private is the 6th arc of Oshi no Ko and takes it back to its roots as a mystery series. The story arc takes us back to the birthplace of Aqua and Ruby’s previous lives while having shocking revelations related to Aqua’s search for his father. It introduces several mysterious characters who have played a big role in the plot while also touching back on B-Komachi’s journey as they plan a music video shoot. From this point on, the usual comedic touch that the arcs following Ruby gave also gradually dissipate while making the entire story serious and extremely engaging.

Mainstay Arc (Chapters: 81-100)

Mainstay Arc
81. Rapid Progress
82. B-Komachi Night
83. Obsessed
84. Hard Selling
85. Calculation
86. AD
87. Lies
88. Offer
89. Cosplay
90. Compliance
91. Dig Deep
92. Ritual Purification
93. Leak
94. Breakthrough
95. Blindness
96. White Roses
97. Together
98. Going Astray
99. Drinking
100. Industry
Season 3

The seventh arc of the series is titled Mainstay and follows Ruby Hoshino as she explores the entertainment industry through a variety show in which even Aqua stars. In addition to a variety of perspectives introduces through this, we also get shocking reveals regarding Ruby, who we believed to be easygoing.

Through the variety series, the identity of the father of the twins is also finally revealed as the mysterious Hikaru Kamiki. While the search for their father has finally ended, the consequences of his actions as well as how Aqua and Ruby will proceed are only just beginning.

Scandal Arc (Chapters: 101-108)

Scandal Arc
101. Predicament
102. Idol and Love
103. Scandal
104. Countermeasure
105. Reporter
106. Breaking Off
107. Friends
108. Plan
Season 3

Scandal follows a very well-known issue in the world of show business as a rumor grows out of proportion while hurting all parties involved. In this case, it tells the story of Kana Arima as a picture of her with a movie director is taken out of context and ends up doing a lot of damage to both her professional and personal life. In order to try and salvage the situation, Aqua reveals astonishing truths about Ai Hoshino’s life which completely shifts the focus away from Kana.

However, this also angers Ruby and shows the rift between the twins for the first time in the series. While the arc shows the true nature of all the main characters, it is also hard to read for fans as several relationships change through its course.

Movie Arc (Chapters: 109-Ongoing)

Movie Arc
109. Night
110. How It Began
111. Mammon-Worship and Passion
112. Towards the Future
113. Commercial Work
114. Interpersonal Audition
115. Roles
116. Responsibility
117. Panda
118. Activation
119. Biological Mother
120. Lack of Ability
121. Sarina Tendouji
122. Doc
123. Bad Move

The Movie arc is the 9th and current arc of the series. It follows the filming of the documentary film “15 Year Lie”, which tells the story of the original B-Komachi while also showing the real self of Ai Hoshino to fans.

With Hikaru Kamiki finally appearing on the screen, the arc is set to raise the standards of the series yet again. Along with this, the recent chapter of the arc also finally showed the twin siblings Aqua and Ruby finding out about each other’s true identities from their past lives.

As it ends on an intense cliffhanger with several questions about the future of their relationship, it is safe to say that Oshi no Ko is going stronger than ever while continuously entertaining fans.

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