Why Blackbeard Kidnapped Koby?

Why Blackbeard Kidnapped Koby

One Piece chapter 1059 is out and it’s a very amazing chapter. The chapter is packed with lots of action with a massive amount of lore and mysteries. As always Eiichiro Oda loves to keep his audience sitting at the edge of their sits. 

Like almost every One Piece chapter this one also ended with a massive cliffhanger. This cliffhanger puts many theories to dust. In the end, we get to know about Koby being kidnapped by Blackbeard. However, Why did Blackbeard kidnap Koby? What is the importance? Let’s discuss this massive cliffhanger in this article.

Kuzan fire burn from One Piece with glasses

There is a big chance that this kidnapping might be related to Kuzan in any situation. Kuzan works for Blackbeard. He might have wanted Koby for personal reasons. Then there is our theory of Kuzan being a Spy of SWORD. So there might be a hidden agenda there.

Luffy meet Koby

Secondly, this might be Blackbeard’s ploy to bring Luffy out in the open. We are not sure whether Blackbeard stole Boa’s Devil fruit or not. So if he missed, his next target might be Nika Nika no Mi. As we already know the importance of that fruit. So this might lead to the long-awaited Luffy vs Blackbeard War.


The third reason might be to bring out Garp. Now, why Garp? The God Valley somehow must be connected to the Laugh Tale. Right now, Garp is the only person that could reveal information about it. So Blackbeard might be trying to lure out Garp.


Now we all know Koby is a secret member of SWORD. So Blackbeard might have kidnapped him for the hidden information on SWORD or Pacifista assuming Vegapunk is also a member of SWORD. Or, it might also be to provoke the Marines and announce the Great War. However, it’s still a little far-fetched.

The Cross Guild

Finally, Koby was first introduced as the hapless ship caretaker on the Alvida Pirates. He lived in fear of both the crew and captain of the ship. We believe Alvida somehow convinced Crocodile and Mihak to put a huge bounty on his ex-crewmate who was saved by Luffy. To get a considerable bounty reward from the Cross Guild Blackbeard wanted that so he kidnapped Koby. Also, it might be a ransom to form an alliance with the Cross Guild.

So with this big question, the chapter ends. However, the good news is no break next week. So I think we might get more info regarding this next week. Tell us your thoughts in the comment section.

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15 hours ago

If bb wanted to know about laughtale, he would not go for garp, there are still roger’s crews who are still alive who knows everything about the last island.

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