Best Horror Anime to Watch

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Best Horror Anime to Watch

The Horror genre is one of the best and most exhilarating parts of any form of media. With jump-scares, psychological thrillers, and extremely unique designs, various components come together to make it an extremely memorable experience. Anime, in particular, has capitalized on this while using its creative freedom and one-of-a-kind storylines to produce some amazing horror content throughout the years. In this list, we will be taking a look at the most horrifying and high-quality additions in these as we rank the best horror animes to ever be made.

11. Zom 100: Bucket List of the Dead

Zom 100: Bucket List of the Dead

Best Horror Comedy Anime

“Zom 100: Bucket List of the Dead” is a thrilling anime series that explores the post-apocalyptic world with a unique twist. Written by Haro Aso and illustrated by Kotaro Takata, it offers a refreshing take on the zombie genre. Though “Zom 100” may not fall under the traditional horror category, its ability to blend elements of comedy and supernatural horror makes it compelling and enjoyable.

The story follows the adventures of Akira, a young man who finds himself amidst a zombie-infested world. Rather than succumbing to fear and despair, Akira takes a different approach. Determined to make the most of his dire circumstances, he embarks on a remarkable journey to create a bucket list of things to do in the midst of a zombie apocalypse.

As Akira pursues his unconventional goals, readers are treated to a blend of comedy, supernatural elements, and survivalist themes. The manga’s ability to seamlessly fuse humor and horror provides a unique reading experience. While the undead roam the streets, Akira’s pursuit of his aspirations brings unexpected laughter and excitement.

Fans of the zombie genre looking for a unique and refreshing take on the undead will find “Zom 100: Bucket List of the Dead” to be an anime that shouldn’t be missed.

10. Shiki


Shiki is a horror anime that is extremely underrated and deserves a lot more appreciation for its bold storytelling. It is set in a regular town where nothing out of the ordinary ever happens. However, this changes when a series of mysterious deaths start occurring with no one able to identify the cause or symptoms.

When trying to track down the reason, they are able to connect it with a new family which recently moved into the town. With the townspeople motivated to stop the deaths, we watch as they get ready to confront the newcomers. However, with the family having a terrifying secret, this is easier said than done.

Shiki is an anime that has viewers entranced throughout with amazing music and interesting characters. It also has several plot twists and an air of suspense which are unmatched by most animes out there.

9. Mieruko-chan

Mieruko chan

Mieruko-chan is a relatively new and unique horror series that is both hilarious as well as horrifying. We are introduced to a young girl named Miko who is able to see monsters and ghosts which are invisible to everyone. With their terrifying appearances, they make her daily life hell while she tries her best to avoid them.

When they start bothering her loved ones, however, Miko finds it hard to stay uninvolved and tries her best to ensure that everyone around her has a peaceful life. With a dose of fan service as well as a surprisingly touching story, the anime is an underdog in the horror genre. Its protagonist is also relatable and likable which is the cherry on top of the cake.

8. Higurashi: When They Cry

Higurashi When They Cry

Higurashi: When They Cry is one of the most popular horror franchises in anime which instills the viewers with a sense of paranoia and fear. While its character designs might give one the impression that it’s meant for children, the actual story is the exact opposite of this.

It revolves around its main character, Keiichi, as he moves into a new town and lives his life happily with friends. However, he notices that something is wrong when the town’s festival approaches, and a suspicious atmosphere of secrecy is created around deaths that happen at the same time.

As he begins chasing these, Keiichi and his friends face several horrifying truths which shock both them and the viewers to their core. With intricate storytelling, memorable characters, and several spine-chilling moments, this is one series that cannot be missed by horror fans.

7. From the New World

From the New World

From the New World, similar to Higurashi, is an anime that does not seem to be terrifying at first glance but only goes on to disprove you later. It is set in a world where humans have the ability to awaken psychic powers and go to a special academy to develop their skills.

Our protagonist, Saki, is overjoyed when she is able to get these powers and join her friends. However, several questions soon pop up about the fate of those who do not get their psychic abilities and this sends our group of main characters down a cycle of deceit and horrific revelations about their society.

The series contains stunning visuals as well as complex themes and is a must-watch for fans who want a higher quality of horror storytelling.

6. Berserk


Berserk has been crowned the king of the dark fantasy genre for not holding back on any of its mature elements and having some of the most horrifying scenes in all of anime. We follow a very strong man named Guts as he is forced to join a mercenary group after losing a duel with its leader, Griffith. He soon forms a bond with all its members while facing off against supernatural monsters and having near-death experiences. While life seems to be going great for all the characters, there is a sinister plot going on in the background which will change the fate of the world forever. The story of Berserk is a tragedy unlike any other while also being an unforgettable experience.

5. Parasyte: The Maxim


Parasyte: The Maxim is a well-acclaimed anime that has a great culmination of elements such as horror, Sci-Fi, and action. The series tells the story of a boy named Shinichi who suddenly finds his hand occupied by a parasite one day. Having failed to take over his body, the two of them are forced to live together and it is soon revealed that several other parasites exist in this world with nefarious plans. After undergoing several tragedies himself, Shinichi resolves to become the protector of his own species. Parasyte manages to still stay relevant with its heavy psychological topics and is an absolute delight to watch for any anime fan, new or old.

4. Another


Another is one of the most popular animes out there which was an instant hit due to its elements of psychological horror and mystery. It follows a young boy named Kouichi who had newly joined the school. On entering his new class, he finds himself entranced by a mysterious girl with an eyepatch but also notices those around her ignoring her existence.

At the same time, he also finds out about a curse that haunts the class and is the reason for the ominous atmosphere as well as several strange events. When trying to track down the truth, he finds himself in a web of secrets that could possibly be fatal to his life and those around him.

The visuals of the series perfectly fit its gloomy setting and the tension which is slowly built up finally concludes for an extremely satisfying and shocking finale. For those who wish to start horror anime, Another is the perfect way to kick off your journey.

3. Devilman: Crybaby

Devilman: Crybaby

Devilman: Crybaby is an extremely ambitious anime based on a classic manga. It follows a frail and innocent boy named Akira who ends up possessing a devil.

Having new power but retaining his personality, he decides to protect humanity by fighting against other dangerous devils with the help of his friend Ryou. However, it is soon revealed that Ryou has a grand evil plan of his own which good potentially destroy the whole world.

With a high amount of gore, violence, and action as well as a very distinctive cast, it has more than earned its place on this list.

2. Perfect Blue

Perfect Blue

Made by the unparalleled Satoshi Kon, Perfect Blue is a psychological horror story that leaves viewers at the edge of their seats throughout its duration. It takes us into the world of show business as the protagonist, Mima, is a former idol who wishes to go into acting.

While facing a lot of backlash on the transition, she stays confident with her decision. Soon into her new life, however, she notices several disturbing events which affect her and slowly warp her mind.

This trippy movie takes us on the journey of her downfall into madness while having several twists and turns which continuously engage us.

1. Elfen Lied

Elfen Lied

Elfen Lied is the perfect series to showcase to viewers how horror anime can distinguish itself from any other genre while shocking viewers to a whole other degree. This extremely mature series introduces us to a special being called Lucy who has a variety of superhuman abilities.

After escaping her captors who experimented on her, she winds up being saved by two kind students. They will soon come to regret this as several people chase them in order to recapture Lucy and they roped into a world of bloodshed and conspiracies.

Elfen Lied is definitely not an anime for the faint of heart as it contains several horrifying scenes which will even terrify adults. At the same time, it is also a brilliant addition to horror anime which fans will not forget about.

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