Does Chainsaw Man Have Romance?

Chainsaw Man Have Romance

Chainsaw Man has its fair share of female characters and with the main character who looks extremely cool with his Chainsaw appearance, it seemed almost tailored to have romantic developments which could even eventually develop into a harem, but fans of Fujimoto’s work know that he does anything but go the stereotypical route. While it … Read more

What is Chainsaw Man Anime About?

What is Chainsaw Man Anime About

Chainsaw Man tells the story of Denji, a young boy who struggles to make his way through life through a debt that was passed on to him by his deceased father. The world of Chainsaw Man is filled with existences known as Devils who prey on people’s fears and are the cause of the tragedy. … Read more

Why is the Chainsaw Devil so strong?


While the title of the manga is Chainsaw man, at first glance it does not seem like he would be the strongest person in his own show. With existences such as a Control Devil, Gun Devil, and even a Darkness Devil, it seems unlikely for a Devil with the appearance of a Chainsaw to take … Read more