23 Best Naruto Cosplay That Will Make Your Jaw DROP

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Best Naruto Cosplays

Naruto has captured the hearts of anime fans globally with its ninja adventures and unforgettable characters. This love for the series shines through in amazing Naruto cosplays at conventions worldwide. Dedicated fans bring Konoha’s shinobi to life with meticulous costumes and poses. In this article, we showcase 23 stunning Naruto cosplays that embody the iconic characters flawlessly.


Naruto Uzumaki by Tessa

The main protagonist of the show makes his appearance. He is always the 1st one to try and protect his loved ones. This cosplay stands out with its adherence to accuracy, from the overall costume to the blonde hair and cyan blue eyes. Tessa puts forth a cosplay that seems to leap from the animated screen into real life. Dattebayo!

Kakashi Hatake by Daniel

One of the most important characters in Naruto and Naruto’s teacher.

Copy Ninja Kakashi has been portrayed very accurately here by Daniel and for all those Kakashi Simps, this is a feast for the eyes.

Hinata Hyuga by Caties

The wife of our protagonist. She was shy when she was young, but now, she is a very strict mother to two of her children while still being adorable. Here, the cosplayer, Caties brings out her charm perfectly to attain a position in our list.

Itachi Uchiha by Hakken

Itachi is one of the most famous characters. He is Sasuke’s elder brother and is also responsible for The Uchiha Massacre. While he is deemed the character who has suffered the most throughout the story, his contributions to the plot remains one of the best. The cosplayer, here, shows us Itachi when he was part of the Akatsuki. He displays the poses struck by Itachi very nicely.

Sakura Haruno by Alice

Widely bad-mouthed as ‘Useless’ and ‘Trash’, Sakura is one of the main protagonists who took after her master Tsunade as a super strong medic ninja. Looking at the cosplay, it is very hard not to fall for her charm and cuteness. The cosplayer, for sure, will change the way even haters look at Sakura.

Rin Nohara by Evelina

Rin, the primary reason for the war started by Obito. We all imagined what Rin would have looked like, if her journey hadn’t been Chidori-ed short. The cosplayer looks like she was born to cosplay Rin as an adult.

It is hard to sway your eyes once you capture the charm of this cosplay.

Ino Yamanaka by Angie

@roga_na_noge – Insta ID

Ino was part of Squad 10 and had the Jutsu, passed down through her clan, to capture someone’s mind. The cosplayer seems to do the same thing with us, capturing our minds and not letting our eyes wander off from her beautiful cosplay.

Sasuke Uchiha by Zackt

@zackt._ – Insta ID

Naruto’s real waifu. Naruto’s rival since their childhood and known as the sole survivor of The Uchiha Massacre. The cosplayer does the Chidori Jutsu by young Sasuke very accurately while maintaining his edgy side. Seeing this picture the Naruto fans will surely be preparing their Rasengans while screaming Sasukeeeeeeeeeeeeee!

Might Guy and Rock Lee by Jose Estrada and Kawiwi

Might Guy, Kakashi’s best friend and rival. He is one of the strongest characters in the series with his Taijutsu. The cosplayers show us the comical relationship of Might Guy and Rock Lee. It is sure to bring out a smile on everyone’s faces.

Shikamaru Nara by Huangjing Xiang

Although being a little lazy, he is one of the most intelligent characters in Naruto. Being part of the Nara clan, he possesses shadow Jutsu which is very versatile and as we can see in the early stages it is used to take control of a person’s body. The cosplayer, Huangjing Xiang shows an accurate display of Shikamaru attitude. His glare shows us that he is serious and when he is serious it is very hard to defeat this intellectual.

Jiraiya by Alex Drastal

Besides being one of the most important characters in Naruto, he was really comical and perverted. He was Naruto’s master and was like a dad figure to him. Jiraiya is also one of the Sannin of Konoha. The cosplayer in his excellent cosplay shows us the side of Jiraiya when he reads perverted story books and drinks his favourite sake along with it.

Mei Terumī by Standesu

Mei Terumī is one of the supporting characters of the Naruto franchise. She is the Fifth Mizukage of Kirigakure or the land of the Mist. The cosplay of Mei Terumi looks exactly like the one we know. She has a bold and calm expression with a gentle smile and wears a wig to look the part.

Rock Lee by Colleen

Rock Lee is also one of the major supporting characters in the Naruto franchise. He was part of Team Guy. He did not let his diagnosis of having no Chakra stop him. He faced the situation and learnt Taijutsu to overcome his shortcomings. The cosplayer here has a disability but that hasn’t stopped him from performing a stunt through sheer will and hard work. He demonstrated the true essence of Rock Lee’s will.

Gaara by Jezz

Temporarily someone who tried to destroy Konoha at the start of Naruto due to being manipulated by Sand Ninjas. He was the vessel of the Ichibi(One-Tailed Beast), Shukaku. The cosplayer has done a terrific job in recreating his look during the mid stages of Naruto.

Neji Hyuga by Aliaks

Part of the Hyuga clan and cousin of Hinata. He was considered for the inheritance of the Hyuga clan leadership. Ever thought how Neji would look without his headband or forehead protector? Well, here you go. The cosplayer does a fabulous cosplay of Neji without his forehead protector and headband.

Konan and Pain by Anwen and e.wi

Part of the primary antagonist group, Akatsuki from Naruto:Shippuden.

They were easily brought to the right side by Naruto’s most powerful Jutsu: The Talk-no-Jutsu. Both of the cosplayers share an intimate picture of Konan and Pain which brings out their shipping to a whole ‘nother level.

Sarada Uchiha by Hana

The daughter of Sasuke Uchiha and Sakura Haruno. She featured in Boruto:Naruto Next Generations. The cosplay is so accurate that she really looks like what Sarada would have looked like in Real Life.

Tsunade Senju by Kiki

One of the Sannin of Konoha, the master of Sakura and widely known for *ahem ahem* 106. The cosplayer shows us the eternal bold beauty of Lady Tsunade and grips the minds of the audience in seconds.

Madara Uchiha by King Chris

The most powerful ninja after Hashirama Senju. He alone defeated all the Kages of every nation easily. The cosplay by King Chris emanates an aura that the real Madara has. It is sure to bring a chill down the spine of his opponents.

Naruto Uzumaki by Akuro

@akurocosplay – Insta ID

No matter what danger comes his way, Naruto is always the one to run towards the fight rather than away from it. Dutch artist Akuro embodies this courageous spirit in her photoshoot. It can be ambitious for cosplayers to attempt an action shot when photographing their costumes, but it works perfectly in this instance. Dattebayo!

Female Kakashi Hatake by Nyy

Another female killing the Kakashi cosplay game is this amazing cosplay done by Nyy, she decides to opt-out of the long grey hair many female Kakashi cosplayers use, to instead wear her real grey hair. Her short cut is styled to the left in a sleek, structured way that frames her face. Her tattoo pairs with the cosplay nicely, and seems like a tattoo the real Kakashi could have gotten in the show.

Konan by Diana Grey

Another Konan cosplay which looks so enchanting and sublime, we were forced to add this to our list. Diana Grey’s pose looks both beautiful and dangerous. Beware of this paper cut!

Orochimaru by Ykuilefay

Orochimaru Cosplay

Orochimaru was the primary antagonist in the 1st part of Naruto and later became a neutral character in Shippuden and again went on to be a good character in Boruto. In terms of character development, he takes near the top spot. He is one of the Sannin. The cosplay by Ykuilefay brings out the creepy side of Orochimaru while also keeping it clean.

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