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Undead Unluck, the 2020s supernatural action comedy manga, has quickly built a passionate fanbase for its outrageous premise and loveable leads. With an expanding cast of characters with uncanny abilities, it can be hard to keep track of all the key details. In this overview, we’ll look at the main characters’ ages, heights, birthdays, powers and more.

NameBirth DateAgeHeight
Fuuko IzumoJuly 718155 cm
AndyApril 15~200189 cm
ShenNov 2719185 cm
Rip TristanSept 1720s180 cm
Billy AlfredNov 23Mid-30s
Latla MirahSept 921170 cm
Top Bull SparxAug 2115

Fuuko Izumo (Age: 18)

Undead Unluck Fuuko Izumo

Fuuko is the main protagonist of the manga series Undead Unluck. She is 155 cm tall and her birthday is on July 7th.

Fuuko is a girl who has the unfortunate ability to give bad luck to anyone who touches her. Due to this she has caused a lot of tragic incidents and becomes suicidal. After meeting Andy, however, we see her true personality of being a kind and caring individual. She is motivated to achieve her goals and is a person who fans can look up to.

Andy (Age: Approx. 200)

Andy Undead Unluck

Andy is the other main character of the series and makes the Undead to Fuuko’s Unluck. He is 189 cm tall and is born on April 15th.

Due to his immortality, Andy has become uncaring and reckless while looking for new and creative ways of trying to kill himself. At the same time, he is also not selfish and can differentiate between right and wrong. Due to his age, he is filled with experience and skills in a variety of areas.

Shen (Age: 19)

Shen Undead Unluck

Shen is a tall man from China who is known as Untruth and has the ability to make people do the opposite of what they want to do. He is 185 cm in height and was born on November 27th.

Shen is a very jolly person who can often be seen with a smile on his face. He is very talented in martial arts and enjoys a good fight while constantly being on the search for strong opponents.

Rip Tristan (Age: 20s)

Billy Alfred Undead Unluck

Rip is a major supporting character of Undead Unluck and has the alias of Unrepair since he can make wounds fatal and negate the ability to heal them. He is 180 cm tall and his birthday is on September 17th.

While many consider Rip to be an evil person, we can see that he is truly kind-hearted and wishes to show mercy wherever he can. Due to the events of his past, Rip has an extremely hard objective which causes him to act like the villain but it is hinted that his nature is that of a good person.

Billy Alfred (Age: Mid-30s)

Billy Alfred Undead Unluck

Billy is the leader of the organization known as Under and has the alias of Unfair. His birthday is on November 23rd. With his ability, Billy is able to copy the powers of others who view him as a threat.

Due to this fearsome power, he does not easily get flustered under threat. While many see him as a cold and uncaring leader, Billy is the exact opposite, as he wishes to keep everyone around him safe while overcoming any dangers all by himself.

Latla Mirah (Age: 21)

Latla Mirah Undead Unluck

Latla is a member of the organization known as Under and is a close associate of Rip. She is 170 cm tall and her birthday is on September 9th.

While Latla is also known for her intimidating appearance, she is extremely kind and reliable in the face of danger. After losing her sister whom both she and Rip cared about, the two of them work together to try and bring her back from the dead. Latla can predict the future, however, her predictions are always the opposite of what happens.

Top Bull Sparx (Age: 15)

Top Bull Sparx Undead Unluck

Top is a young boy who is associated with The Round Table and has the ability known as Unstoppable. With this, he can move at immense speeds and use it to deliver powerful blows to enemies. His birthday is on August 21st. Top is also an energetic and mature boy who is wise beyond his years due to the harsh upbringing he had in Brazil.

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