Tsukimichi Moonlit Fantasy Characters Age, Height, Birth Date and More

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Tsukimich – Moonlit Fantasy is a refreshing Isekai that finds the perfect balance between action, comedy, and adventure. One of its most notable aspects is the amazing cast around whom the plot revolves.

In this article, we will be looking into the characters of Tsukimichi and everything you need to know about them.

Makoto Misumi (Age: 17 – During Debut)

Makoto Misumi Tsukimich – Moonlit Fantasy

Makoto is the main protagonist of Tsukimichi. His birthday is on April 1st and he has both black eyes and black hair.

Makoto was initially summoned by the Goddess to become a hero. However, after she formed a dislike of him, he was sent to a corner of the world from human civilization.

He is a relatively normal person who can be naïve at times and also hates the goddess for his current predicament. Apart from this, he is kind to those around him and even wishes to build a place where all kinds of people can happily live together.

At the same time, Makoto also gets cold and ruthless against enemies who hope to do harm to his loved ones. Since he has always had trouble with women, Makoto is also clueless when it comes to their advances.


Tomoe Tsukimich – Moonlit Fantasy

Tomoe is one of the main female characters of the story and is a greater dragon who exists in the world of the goddess. She has amber-red eyes and light blue hair.

As Makoto’s servant, she is easygoing and enjoys having fun. She loves going through his memories of Japan and especially learning about Samurais.

While Tomoe is usually a jolly person, she is very protective of Makoto and wishes to serve and protect him. This eventually even turns into romantic feelings from her end.


Mio Tsukimich – Moonlit Fantasy

Along with Tomoe, Mio is the other main female protagonist of Tsukimichi. She has distinctive golden eyes and black hair. Previously known as the Black Spider of Calamity, Mio is extremely loyal to Makoto and is even willing to harm herself in order to protect him.

Her attachment to him can even be described as dangerous, as she has no issues with hurting or even killing those who wish Makoto harm.

While she wishes to have a deeper relationship with him as well, she is very innocent when it comes to romance, and watching her gradually learn about it is very entertaining for viewers.


Shiki Tsukimich – Moonlit Fantasy

Shiki is a former Hyuman who became a Lich and served under Makoto. He was a talented researcher and intellectual who had an insatiable thirst for knowledge. While the exact circumstances behind him becoming a Lich are unknown, he has formed a fearsome reputation over a long time.
While he is not as strong as the others, Shiki is still very powerful and can wield magic with great expertise. He is very loyal to Makoto and also loses his temper when his master is prone to danger.

Makoto also trusts Shiki a lot and appreciates the mind and wisdom he holds.

Emma (Age: 17 – During Debut)

Emma Tsukimich – Moonlit Fantasy

Emma is a highland orc who acts as the Secretary of Makoto and also manages Asora – a special subspace owned by Makoto that was created by magical powers and used to build a city.

Emma idolizes Makoto for saving her and her family and works hard to ensure that Asora is prosperous. She is serious and dedicated to her task while governing all the people of the city.

Additionally, she is also a talented magic user whose strength keeps increasing as Makoto gets stronger.


Tsukuyomi Tsukimich – Moonlit Fantasy

Tsukuyomi is the moon god who was responsible for transferring Makoto to the other world. With long hair and a crown, Tsukuyomi’s grand presence is befitting of his stature.

Unlike the goddess, however, Tsukuyomi is kind and humble. When Makoto was ordered to be thrown into a corner of the world, Tsukuyomi blessed him with powers to help him out.

He is also a workaholic who has devised several schemes to assist fellow gods and goddesses. Due to this, he is very well-liked by others.


Goddess Tsukimich – Moonlit Fantasy

The goddess is one of the more unlikeable characters in the series and is responsible for many of Makoto’s woes. Despite having made a deal with his parents to send him to the other world as a hero, simply because of her personal preferences, she ends up sending Makoto to a wasteland.

Following this, she ended up selecting two new heroes who fit her criteria without any care for the consequences. From this, we can tell that she is arrogant, and vain and mainly judges people only by their physical features.

The goddess shows very little care or compassion for others despite holding the power of creation herself and uses people however she sees fit.

Tomoki Iwahashi (Age: 15 – During Debut)

Tomoki Iwahashi Tsukimich – Moonlit Fantasy

Tomoki Iwahashi is one of the heroes who was chosen by the goddess. Despite his attractive features, he is a weak-willed man who was also bullied during his time in school. Due to this, he becomes easily controlled and manipulated.

As a consequence of his impressionable nature, Tomoki eventually becomes an arrogant man who believes he can use his powers and strength to get out of any situation.

Hibiki Otonashi (Age: 18 – During Debut)

Hibiki Otonashi Tsukimich – Moonlit Fantasy

Hibiki is the other hero who was chosen by the goddess. Unlike Tomoki, Hibiki is confident and headstrong while also being charismatic and sociable.

She enjoys challenging herself and this was also one of the main reasons why she came to this fantasy world.

Lime Latte

Lime Latte Tsukimich – Moonlit Fantasy

Lime Latte is a popular addition to the cast and was a former top adventurer who went on to work for Makoto’s Kuzunoha Company.

Lime is a good-looking man who has an easygoing personality. He can tend to be lazy but is also a very capable adventurer who can support his allies very well.

He is sharp and smart but can be a womanizer in certain instances. Finally, Lime Latte is also a sympathetic man who assists those in need wherever he can.

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