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Why Blackbeard Wants Boas Mero Mero No Mi

Why Blackbeard Wants Boa’s Devil Fruit Power?

Chapter 1059 of One Piece just dropped and it was just filled with pieces of information. Many great reveals with many questions. One of them was Blackbeard wanted Boa’s Mero Mero no Mi’s Power. But Why does Marshall D. Teach who already has the 2 strongest devil fruit want to use Hancock’s fruit? Now Let’s …

Top 15 Best Isekai Anime of All Time that You must Watch

Best Isekai Anime

If you are a true fan of Isekai Anime then you must have watched all of these anime series. If not, what are you waiting for? Go watch these iconic series right now!  In the world of anime Isekai is a genre that become very popular recently. Isekai is originally a subgenre of Japanese light …

Crocodile Secret Revealed

Crocodile Secret Revealed

One Piece manga has reached its Final Saga. After the release of chapter 1058 the Final Saga started and revealed a lot of thrilling info. However, the most exciting thing was the return of characters like Crocodile and Mihawk. In this article, we are going to predict the future of the plot regarding the Crocodile …

Why is Franky’s Bounty Poster showing the Sunny (1)

Why is Franky’s Bounty Poster showing the Sunny?

A new chapter of One Piece has been released. The chapter is titled “New Emperors”. This chapter was filled with many huge reveals. Also, the chapter ended with a big cliffhanger. However, in this article, we will talk about Why is Franky’s Bounty Poster showing Sunny? As fans know Oda has used bounty posters as …

Upcoming Anime Series Releasing In 2023

Upcoming Anime Series Releasing In 2023

At the time of the pandemic, anime entered the mainstream entertainment media. The last years have been great for otakus. Now, the year 2023 also brings some awesome, jaw-dropping anime series for fans. From new releases such as – Solo Leveling and Mashle to some existing bangers like Attack On Titan and Jujutsu Kaisen to …

Will Straw Hat Return to Wano

Will Straw Hat Return to Wano?

As we reach the end of Wano people are theorizing about what might come next. As the end comes we are ready for the next story. A journey again that will be thrilling, exciting, full of mysteries, and new places. As many people are predicting next arc might lead to Elbaf or Hachinosu or Vira. …

One Piece Chapter 1057: End Of Wano Arc

One Piece Chapter 1057: End Of Wano Arc

After a massive stretch of 150 chapters finally, Wano has come to an end. The final chapter 1057 is titled “ 終幕” which means the end or final curtain. This chapter brought a massive wave of emotions as we left the seas of Wano. Some good and sad things, with a mixed bag of emotions …