Why Blackbeard Wants Boa’s Devil Fruit Power?

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Why Blackbeard Wants Boas Mero Mero No Mi

Chapter 1059 of One Piece just dropped and it was just filled with pieces of information. Many great reveals with many questions. One of them was Blackbeard wanted Boa’s Mero Mero no Mi’s Power. But Why does Marshall D. Teach who already has the 2 strongest devil fruit want to use Hancock’s fruit? Now Let’s discuss what might be the reason behind it.

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In chapter 956 Blackbeard announced he won’t let the Navy reap the reward. We came to know he was talking about Boa’s Devil Fruit. However, as we know, what might be the reason? The Fruit works as massively powerful because of Boa’s divine beauty. So what is so important about that fruit?

Why is Boa’s Mero Mero no Mi Important and Blackbeard Want it?

Boa using Mero Mero no Mi's Power

Mero Mero no Mi is a Paramecia-type Devil Fruit that transforms opponents into the stone using the emotions of lust or perversion. ” Mero mero” is a Japanese onomatopoeia meaning to fall down drunk, including being overcome by emotion such as love or lust.

By using their “dirty thoughts”, the user can transform those who lust or love after the user into stone in varying degrees, as demonstrated by Boa Hancock. Nonliving objects, including Pacifistas, are also affected by the power. It does not seem appropriate for Black Beard since he is not handsome. Then-

Why Blackbeard Wants Mero Mero No Mi?

Why Blackbeard Wants Mero Mero No Mi?

After the Marineford war, we came to know Blackbeard was hunting for powerful Devil Fruits. Yami Yami no mi or Gura Gura no mi are quite strong. However, is there any hidden importance for the Mero Mero no Mi? We are trying to predict the reasons for that.

Also, we came to know Blackbeard can steal Devil Fruit without killing anyone. So is that a power of Yami Yami no Mi?

To Become God of Darkness

God of Darkness

Mero Mero No Mi might have a hidden awakening just like Gomu Gomu no Mi. It might be a Mythical Zoan. Egyptian mythology feels a lot related to the One Piece story. And now we have an ancient Egyptian deity name Apep who embodied the chaos and darkness and the enemy of light the Sun God Ra. Looks familiar right?

In appearance, Apep resembles a giant serpent with the power of chaos, Earth Shock. Apophis was also known as the ruler of the underworld. So, Mero Mero no Mi awakening might be a Giant Underworld Serpent. To become Darkness God Blackbeard needs 3 Devil fruits. That might be the reason Blackbeard wanted it. I think not a coincidence.

It can kill Blackbeard

Secondly, the fruit might have a power that can suppress or kill Blackbeard later. The fruit might work against any human who acquired one of the sins out of the 7 sins. As we know people feel jealous or lust toward Boa. The fruit might be the reason why every human gets attracted to Boa. As she is already beautiful it might be her misunderstanding of the fruit’s power. Blackbeard also said that he believe that no man can resist her charm. So if WG got this they can use this against him.

To stop Sun God to be ReBorn

Another theory was that the Sun God Ra had a snake god as his partner also. So it also might be that JoyBoy and the last Mero Mero no Mi users were friends or lovers. So Blackbeard might have wanted the power to possess the power of Mero Mero no Mi and prevent to reborn Sun God.

Blackbeard meme 1059

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1 year ago

I agreed but I think her devil fruit is mythical zoan human human fruit model earth god like luffy 1of 4 mention in skypiea.

Subhra Jit [Author]
Subhra Jit [Author]
1 year ago
Reply to  Moein

Thanks for the comment. Yes there is a possibility and I accept that. Here I tried to explain the Egyptian point if view. So I hope you understand.

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