Netflix’s One Piece Live Action Trailer Breakdown with Easter Eggs

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The full trailer for Netflix’s One Piece live-action series was released on One Piece Day. This trailer was a lot more improved than the previous teaser and it gave us the first look for characters like Roger, Shanks, Mihawk, Garp, and Arlong. In this 3-minute long trailer, they packed a lot of stuff and easter eggs for the story. So without any delay let’s get break the trailer down.

The Story: East Blue Saga

Netflix’s One Piece Live Action Straw Hats

From the looks of the trailer, the first season will cover the whole East Blue Saga. The trailer starts with the most famous dialogue from Roger which is “Wealth, Fame, and Power; I’ve found everything this world has to offer… my treasure is yours to find”. Then we go into some of the main story stuff and we see Alvida’s pirate ship.

Then we also get to see Merry and Kuro for a very short time. Then comes the surprise of Buggy Pirates and his devil fruit powers first look. Then the story cut off to the Baratie. There we see Sanji and the crew fight some fishmen. The trailer then cuts out to show bits and pieces from Arlong Park.


We see in between the shenanigans of Zoro and Sanji. And finally, the trailer ends with the wanted poster of many pirates and the first proper look at Koby. 

The Changes in the Live Action and the original story

  • The first major change in the trailer is the added scene of Garp in Roger’s execution. In the main story it was never revealed if Garp was there or not however, it’s a very pleasant surprise for the fans.Vice Admiral Garp
  • The next change is quite funny as we see Luffy asking the News Coo to join his crew. This is quite a Luffy thing and to be honest, was quite a funny addition.News Coo
  • The third change is when Luffy introduces the Jolly Roger. Here, Luffy for the first time announces themselves as the Straw Hat crew. However, in the manga, it was not the Straw Hat crew. The first time they were called Straw Hat Pirates was by Smoker in Logetown.Straw Hat jolly roger by Luffy
  • There is a small scene of Zoro inside a well which seems to be an addition here. It may be a reference to Mihawk calling Zoro a “frog in the well..know how big the world is”.image 11
  • Then the next change comes for the Buggy vs Luffy fight. We see the whole setting as a kind of inside circus which is quite different from the story.Buggy Chop chop
  • The biggest change in the plot comes in Baratie. There we saw the Arlong pirates for the first time. That is a major change from the original story as we first saw the Arlong pirates in Arlong Park and not in Baratie. We also did not see Don Krieg in Baratie so he may not appear in the live action.Kuroobi One Piece Live Action
  • The next change is that we see Nami, Zoro, and Luffy fight together in Shells Town which is also an addition to the Live action

One Piece Live Action Easter Eggs

Now it’s time to go for the easter eggs that you might have missed in the trailer. So let’s get into it.

  • At the very beginning almost 7 seconds we see a cloaked man in Roger’s execution. The color and style of the cloak seem like Dragon’s.Monkey D Dragon Live Action
  • Then almost in 21 seconds of the trailer, we get to see the first look at Kaya’s garden. Kaya’s garden
  • At 32 seconds we got our first look at the News Coo and it looks very awesome.News Coo
  • 55 seconds in we see the first Straw Hat jolly roger which was made by Luffy. It’s very cool that they even kept the design same as the manga.Straw Hat jolly roger by Luffy
  • 1 minute 5 seconds in, we get our first look at the map of the Grand Line drawn by Nami.The Grand Line
  • At 1 minute 9 seconds. We see the very first visual of Yoru(Mihawk’s Sword).Mihawk Live Action
  • 1 minute 10 seconds in we see Merry’s first look along with the claws of Kuro. Though in the trailer we sadly don’t see Kuro.Merry & Kuro
  • 1 minute 25 seconds, it feels like Garp’s ship is fighting against the Straw Hats. it may be different scenes or the same. However, yes we got our visuals of Garp’s ship.Monkey D. Garp's Ship
  • 1 minute 30 seconds, we see Sanji vs Kuroobi at Baratie. So it’s our first Fishman look.w5rea GSInelM9 X 1
  • In 1 minute 41 seconds, I think the crew is looking at the wanted poster of Luffy after defeating Arlong.
  • 1 minute 50 seconds in, we see Bellemere’s tangerine garden first look.
  • 1 minute 54 seconds we have our first look at Arlong.Arlong
  • At 2minute 12 seconds we see our first look at Shanks. From the look, it seems like the situation is in the Luffy Flashback.shanks-giving-hist-hat
  • At 2 minutes 14 seconds, we get our first look at Hawk-Eye Dracule Mihawk and it’s the Zoro vs Mihawk fight at Baratie.
  • 2 minutes 23 seconds we see the legendary moment when Shanks gives his Straw Hat to Luffy.
  • At 2 minutes 26 seconds, we see Luffy beating Zoro while fighting others which is a very common gag in the manga. This is a great attention to the story.
  • 2 minutes 27 seconds we see the climax of Arlong Park with Luffy’s attack.
  • At 2 minutes 30 seconds, we see the legendary walk to the Arlong Park moment.
  • From 2 minutes 40 seconds forward we see some wanted posters of pirates well known to the Manga fans. The Pirates are Alvida, Cavendish, Foxy, and Bellamy. With this, the trailer ends.Cavendish


luffy and koby

So hope you guys enjoyed the information. The trailer encapsulated the essence of One Piece very well and the fans loved the trailer tremendously. We will cover more information regarding the Live action as we get more pieces of information. Till then goodbye.

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